Epoch is a branding and package design project I created at ACAD.


Brand Story

After finishing my research, I discovered that my target audience has a lot of nostalgia for the video games from the 1980's and 90's, as well as frustration with current trends in the gaming industry. I created this brand story in the form of a comic strip to convey these ideas.



When I created the logo I wanted to reference colour and typography from the 80's. Because my audience has nostalgic feelings towards this era, I created a secondary logo in an 8-bit pixel style to reference both the original era, as well as the current indie games that utilize these graphics. The animation transitions from the 8-bit to the high definition graphic as a way of marrying these two ideas.



Since chests are common items in video games such as Zelda, I wanted to design the packaging with an allusion to this ubiquitous object that denotes something really valuable in a video game. The box is also designed to be a carrying case for easy transportation of the console itself and all of its controllers, wires, and adapters.


Cowboy Raygun Showdown

I developed some art and animations for a game that would launch with the console to take the branding one step further in creating a consistent look for all games released through Epoch.


The Gunslinger

As well as being the main character in Cowboy Raygun Showdown, the Gunslinger is also the console's mascot.