Telus Spark: Being Human Gallery

Through ACAD's public design program, I was fortunate to work with Telus Spark to refresh their display cases at the entrance to the Being Human Gallery. The theme for the two cases is human perception.

The first case deals with self-perception versus how you project yourself to others. When approaching the gallery you are able to see a small section of the case. The character is small and has slumped shoulders to show a more internal, introverted side of the figure. When you come around the corner, the other side of the case reveals the character's shadow, which is cast on the glass. The character's posture is upright and its size is increased to project confidence.



For the second case, we were working with the idea of how you would like to be perceived, and wanted to take the concept of avatars out of the digital sphere. I designed a series of face shapes and features that we laser cut out of foam core. After the pieces were ready, we had a group of kids and volunteers from Inn From the Cold come in and create an avatar to represent how they wished to be perceived.