Village Aviator

Out of 32 ideas put forward my concept was selected to be 1 of 5 beers that will be made in small batches for an event at National on April 28, 2017. The project included copy writing, illustration, package design, web design, product design, and a social media campaign. All aspects of the design follow Village’s brand standards.  Other contributors  on this project were Michelle Novak & Taryn Fransen.



We expanded the project to include some merchandise. We were inspired by Aviation traditions with all are ideas. The patch is inspired by the Canadian RCAF patches. We adapted the patch for the t-shirt and placed the graphic where you would see a patch on a universe. The original idea for the buttons was to create a wing pin ultimatly we decided that the buttons would be more fun and accessible for our audience.


Online Presence

Our social media campaign is intended to engage are audience and encourage them to share there own stories about aviators that are perhaps family or close friends. Along we are social media campaign we believe the ideal time to launch this product would be at the SpringBank Air Show.